Best VPN Providers 2020


You have been hearing all the rage about VPN’s lately and how they can protect your identity when you are browsing online and also encrypt the data to stop anyone being able to snoop in on your data as it passes to your internet service provider and back. Well, we have put together a list of the best VPN Providers in 2020 to make sure you get the best security and privacy.


best vpn providers 2020


You may want to know what exactly you can use a VPN for and here are just some of the whys, below


  • Unblock Netflix when abroad and all social media platforms
  • Change your location to wherever you want while using a website or service
  • Change the region on PC games and android/console games (geo-blocks)
  • Access websites with full security and anonymity
  • Change prices for certain items or services (by changing country region)


We have tested many different VPN Providers rigorously to bring you an unbiased test on the best VPN to use across a range of different VPN companies but to keep it pinpointed to the best ones we have picked the best 5 below.


  1. Best For Price (PureVPN)
  2. For Torrenting (Ivacy)
  3. For Streaming (ExpressVPN)
  4. Internet Browsing (CyberGhost)
  5. Quick Speeds (SurfShark)
  6. Unblocking Regions Netflix (Express VPN)


So that’s the quick list above of our findings but it doesn’t stop there we have put together the WHY of what makes these VPN providers stand head and shoulders above the rest.


pureVPN vpn provider  PureVPN – The Best Priced VPN


With pureVPN you are getting one of the best and well know VPN providers at the best affordable price compared to the other more expensive providers.


  • They have VPN plans starting from $1.32
  • Jurisdiction is in Hong Kong added extra privacy
  • They have over 300,000 IP Address range
  • Over 2000+ servers located worldwide across 140+ countries
  • Best Priced Plan is the 5 Year plan at $1.32 saving you a massive 88% discount


We are guessing you have seen PureVPN around or even an online ad for them as they are one of the biggest VPN providers and been around for a long time offering great VPN deals and packages especially with the $1.32 deal they have.


They have great speeds when we tested which were well above average with over 26Mbps as the average download speed on our 31Mbps broadband connection so not bad a all.


Another bonus is they are located in Hong Kong adding to your privacy when signing up as they only ever keep your name, email and payment method you used so this means they will not keep logs on what you have been on which is another plus for PureVPN.


When we checked they do not leak your IP address, DNS or WebRTC like some less known providers can.


During the test we also tested it on our trusty office android box, we ran few streaming apps such as Netflix, Youtube, IPTV, BBC iPlayer and we did not experience even the quickest of lags or stutters meaning this is also a solid VPN for streaming services straight off your media boxes or your PC.


It also came packed with some nice features such as a built-in Ad-blocker, OpenVPN, Kill switch, 2084-Bit Encryption and more.


To put the icing on the cake pureVPN also allows you to simultaneously use up to 5 devices at the same time which is very good as you can put it on all your devices or family devices.


VPN Goats Verdict


If you want a solid VPN which allows 5 simultaneous devices at the same time for the best price then what are you waiting for go ahead and buy it.


ivacy vpn provider  Ivacy VPN – Best VPN For Torrents


Next up in our test was Ivacy VPN they have the best set up for P2P sharing so mostly torrenting and file sharing. They have optimised servers for this reason which makes them stand above other VPN providers for this reason when it comes to torrenting.


Here are some bullet points below on Ivacy VPN


  • Over 100+ IP address pools
  • Jurisdiction is Singapore
  • Over 1000+ Servers located across 100+ countries
  • Their best VPN plan is Get 2 VPN subscriptions for $2.25 a month (annual deal)


If you like to use torrent sites and any type of sites where you can share files with anonymous users or even to use software such as uTorrent we stand by this VPN as being the best for all this kind of stuff.


They offer 2084-bit Encryption with all the goodies such as automatic kill switch, leak protection and more. They are located in Singapore giving you a good level of privacy like pureVPN above gives you.


With the same 31Mbps broadband connection we have here it still spat out a very good consistent connection giving us 19Mbps on average which is good but it’s certainly not the fastest out of the VPNs we reviewed.


They also store no logs so you don’t have to worry about your browsing being logged by this VPN provider and they also were very consistent when we tested the download performance using torrent software so the downloading was consistent all the way through the download.


Another bonus with Ivacy VPN is that it unblocked Netflix just fine and did not leak the DNS, IP or WebRTC so this performed well with other streaming apps too.

VPN Goats Verdict


We highly recommend you use this if you do a lot of torrenting or P2P kind of downloading and uploading as it offers great privacy and consistent speeds which is vital when torrenting etc.


Surfshark provider  SurfShark – Best VPN Provider For Speed


When we tested SurfShark we got the highest VPN speeds at 28Mbps on our 31Mbps connection so this gave us the quickest speeds keeping our broadband speed the closest we could get it to our true 31Mbps download speed on our office network.


Check out some of the quality points we noted down below


  • They allowed Unlimited simultaneous connections at one time
  • Jurisdiction is British Virgin Islands
  • They have over 1000+ IP Addresses
  • Servers are located in over 60+ countries
  • Have over 1040+ VPN Servers
  • Best priced plan is the 24 + 1 months plan at just $1.99 per month


Not only did it give us the fastest speeds they stayed consistent as well at that speed so no dropping lower and higher as we tested the download and the upload side of the VPN’s speed.


They also offer great protection with their jurisdiction being in the British Virgin Isles which also means they don’t keep any logs whatsoever of what you have browsed on or done with their VPN.


Some of the VPN cool features it comes with is the Killswitch, Industry encryption, Multihop and CleanWeb so it has the same as most others yet some extra features.


Also, their deals are good such as the get 83% off deal which is a big discount on this specific deal.


VPN Goats Verdict


If you like to have speed with a VPN such as the use for Gaming and downloading then this VPN is the one you will want to get. They also have a great team which have live support and are very fast to respond to any issues.


cyberghost vpn  CyberGhost – The Best VPN Provider For Private Browsing


You may be saying well google chrome has incognito so it’s private browsing but its far from it as it still leaks your DNS, IP and can still retain information on what you have done in the private browser as well as your ISP.


So this is where Cyberghost VPN steps in as one of the best for real private internet browsing keep you safe and secure from prying eyes any ISP’s and others.


Here are some of the best points that stood out to us below


  • Jusristsition in Romania (another privacy-first location)
  • Allow up to 7 devices to be using the VPN at one time
  • Over 5500+ servers in over 90 countries
  • Over 5000+ IP Addresses
  • Best Price Plan is 1 year for just $2.75 per month


When we tested them we noticed they had the best encryption protocols which stood above the rest for private browsing such as L2TP, OpenVPN and IKEv2.


Not only this but they offer some great encryption at 256-bit while giving you some of the most servers and countries to choose from as they are a long-standing VPN provider with a big network architecture.


With the Juristriction being in Romania they are also focused on offering the best privacy for you so this covers the strict no logs and also they do not keep your personal records when you sign up to them.


Now to the testing again we tested this with our 31Mbps connection and it performed well but not the best in our list we got an 18Mbps download speed and we watched the usual streaming apps such as Netflix with no lagging or disconnects at all.

VPN Goats Verdict


This is a great VPN for web browsing and we would recommend this as the one if you mainly want it for browsing the internet but it’s not the fastest VPN on our list or the lowest price if you want a lower-priced VPN and was using it for other things then there is always PureVPN you could use.



express vpnExpress VPN – The Best For Unblocking Netflix Regions


We are not going to lie Express VPN is another heavyweight provider like PureVPN who have a solid network infrastructure like the other heavyweights of the VPN world.


We liked a lot about this VPN which we saw in the others we tested but with one main difference, this VPN allowed us to switch through many countries allowing us to unlock other countries Netflix such as UK Netflix if we wanted a change from the US Netflix and other countries which is always a bonus.


Here are some other bullet points on this VPN Provider


  • Jurisdiction is Britsh Virgin Isles
  • Over 3000 Servers in over 60 countries
  • Allow up to 5 devices to be used at the same time
  • Over 30,000 IP Addresses
  • Best Price Plan is 12 months – $8.32 per month


We tested this for speed and on our 31Mbps connection it managed to pull off a very impressive 27Mbps putting it near enough on par with SurfShark which was the fastest VPN we tested.


They are based in the British Virgin Isles which means great protection for you the buyer as they do not keep logs which is always a bonus with VPN Providers in 2020.


They have all features with this VPN such as Killswitch, 256-AES encryption, Zero-knowledge DNS, No Leaks, OpenVPN and VPN Split tunnelling and more.


VPN Goats Verdict


At $8.92 a month for their annual deal, we admit they are not the best priced here as opposed to pureVPN but they do offer the most region unblocks across Netflix so we would certainly recommend them for Netflix streaming and maybe some other TV-based streaming services.




There you have it some of the best VPN Providers of 2020 for what you want to use a VPN for or the price range you are looking to get them in. Stay tuned for more great content across our website and remember always keep your privacy and security your top concern.