PureVPN Review

PureVPN is one of the most well know and heavy advertised VPN providers out there and this is because they offer excellent value with fantastic performance. They operate smoothly for whatever your VPN needs are so whether that’s torrenting, web browsing, encrypting your traffic when using public hotspots pureVPN has you covered.


PureVPN VPN Provider Review


Here some standout points below

  • Over 2000+ Servers
  • Over 140+ Countries
  • Similtainsly allow 5 devices to be run on the VPN at the same time
  • No Log Policy
  • Based In Hong Kong (Great For Your Privacy)
  • A 31 Day Refund Back Guarantee
  • Lowest Price $1.32 per Month
  • Visit now PureVPN for more amazing deals


So let’s dig a little deeper into what makes pureVPN one of the leading VPN providers around.


Well, the most prominent thing that sticks out with this VPN provider is they have unbeatable prices with deals as low as $1.32 per month you will find not many other VPN providers who have the strength and quality of pureVPN offering these low price break neck deals on their subscriptions while allowing 5 simultaneous devices to be run at the same time.


They make sure your privacy is looked after with a no-logs policy and not only that they are based in Hong Kong and this is a good place for privacy laws so you can rest assure your privacy will be looked after well due to the countries no data retention laws meaning there is no need to keep account details for the normal 5+ years which most other companies do.


PureVPN offers over 2000 strong servers in over 140 countries giving you a very wide choice of what country and city you would like to connect to with their VPN.


While they offer some of the most servers and IP addresses they also offer very high compatibility no matter what device you have should that be a Desktop PC, Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux and others you will be sure they will cover your device platform most likely.


They also pack some heat in the feature department with VPN features such as Kill switch, Military level encryption, Split VPN Tunneling and more features to make this VPN one of the best for the price.


The pricing of this VPN is also very attractive with low prices and a plethora of deals to be taken with their biggest and best deal being the $1.32 deal but they have a lot more deals and seasonal deals you can buy as well.



How We Reviewed PureVPN


While we tested and reviewed this VPN provider we took some main factors we like to see in VPN’s into account, so we had some checkpoints we mainly looked at with our testing and these were things such as:


  • Security & Privacy
  • Server Quality
  • VPN Speed
  • What Can You Stream With The VPN
  • DNS Leaks, IP Address Leaks and WebRTC Leaks
  • Pricing and Deals
  • Can They Be Trusted (Review Websites)


We feel the above are good checkpoints to review most VPN providers and there VPN’s and technology so we will jump right into our findings below.


protect Privacy PureVPN

Is PureVPN Secure And Do They Protect Your Privacy


Well, what we do know without even buying a subscription from them is they are in the heavyweight division when it comes to VPN providers online and they have been going a very long time allowing them to grow in size and build a strong network for all VPN needs.


Now what we noticed straight off the bat is they are located in Hong Kong so this means will be under Hong Kong Judreistricion which is very good indeed. As Hong Kong does not enforce data retention laws like most other countries so your personal information is not kept on file which is one of the main things you need to look out for when you are searching for a VPN Provider.


A bonus with Hong Kong and most offshore countries where VPN providers are based is they do not have any surveillance laws in place and are mostly surveillance-free in many of these jurisdictions.


As long as a VPN provider is not in a country that is in the Five Eyes program this is a big win for keeping your privacy secure. If you was to go with a VPN provider who is part of five eyes you would always be at risk of the VPN provider passing your details over to the requesting parties under the UK’s Investigatory Power Act, Sometimes known as the Snoopers Charter.


Now with the above being said that has answered do they protect your privacy and we answered that with a big YES. Now time to see if the VPN is secure and if so how secure.


How Secure Is PureVPN


One thing that’s clear is with this VPN provider is that they are a long-standing provider they have a great VPN network of servers with some great technology which gives the VPN a 256-Bit encryption and many optimized protocols including L2TP/IP Sec, SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP and IKEv2 meaning they are not short of great protocols depending on your VPN needs.


The VPN also has some great functionality thrown in such as a Killswitch so you don’t have to ever worry about if the VPN disconnects and your IP Address or DNS leaking. Once the VPN is disconnected it will kill your normal internet connection meaning you don’t have to worry about being exposed if something ever happens to go wrong with the VPN which in our test of many VPN providers we have never run into an issue like this before.


no logs pureVPN

Does PureVPN Keep VPN Logs


PureVPN has also recently updated their privacy policy so they do not keep logs now and also don’t keep connection logs so again this ties in with keeping you very secure while using the VPN from prying eyes.


This fact of strictly no logs has also been audited by Altius IT to make sure they are not storing logs so its even more reason for you to relax knowing your privacy is secured.


Its also been reported and verified they do not keep logs on any files you have download or websites you have visited as well, meaning your activities will be as good as a ghost while your browsing and download from the world wide web.


Also, some VPN providers claim to have a no-logging policy but they keep the connections log meaning they record your IP address each time you connect and disconnect to the VPN but this is becoming rare now for VPN providers located within jurisdictions where your privacy is kept safe and outside of the Five Eyes program.


Is There Anything PureVPN Logs


Well, they literally don’t log anything but there is one thing they do log which you don’t have to worry about and that’s bandwidth used while you have been using the VPN.


So this is not a problem it’s only for their internal use to keep giving you the best service and speeds while using their VPN, so this holds no private details of yours, so you don’t need to worry about this logging of bandwidth.


The Benefits Of Using PureVPN


While we have been talking mostly about the security and privacy of PureVPN its time to move on to what features this great VPN comes with.


Private Dedicated IP Address


This is a great feature especially for anyone who watches IPTV. What this feature does is instead of you having to share IP address across a sea of IP addresses they have it allows you to have your very own IP address.


So we will give you an example: Let’s say you are using an IPTV provider they may lock your IP address and there could be another user using pureVPN with them who is already using that shared IP address which would potentially stop your IPTV subscription from playing on your device. But due to the sheer number of IP address, PureVPN has this is quite rare for this to happen.


Also sometimes when you are using a shared VPN IP address they could be blacklisted from certain websites but again this is very rare but if it happens you would have to disconnect and re-connect which is not a big issue but to save any of these things happening people vouch to go with a dedicated IP address.


It does have an additional cost to have a private dedicated IP address but its not going to break the bank at only an extra $1.99 per month so we would say its worth it certainly


VPN Port Forwarding


PureVPN also allows you to port forward meaning if you play games or torrent sometimes you will be required to open the port on your normal router. But when you connect to a VPN all the ports are closed off for security.


So this feature allows you to re-open a port if needed and still keeps your original IP address totally safe while your port is open and forwarded.


This again does have an additional cost but is super low starting from $0.99 a month so again keeps money in your pocket by not charging more for this amazing feature.


Split Tunneling


We admit we use split tunnelling quite often and what this feature does is it allows you to use the VPN on just the connections you need so say you was using a torrent software program and you just wanted to use the VPN for that but while you’re using it you wanted to browse the web without the VPN on this feature will allow that.


So, in a nutshell, it just allows you to split the VPN to the programs you need to use it on.


Will PureVPN Leak My IP Address, DNS or WebRTC


This is another big thing you should look for with VPNs as they may have the best network and features but its no good if they were to crash or have a bug which then ultimately may leak your IP address, DNS address or WebRTC to whatever website or program you are using the VPN with.


But with PureVPN we tested this out using some of the DNS leak websites which test for IP leaks and WebRTC leaks and it passed all tests with flying colours meaning this is one of the few VPN providers that don’t leak which is great news.



What Country Servers Do PureVPN Have


Well with them being one of the biggest providers around they don’t just focus on America or just Europe or Asia. They have over 140+ countries you can choose to connect to which is another big feather in the cap of PureVPN.


We looked at their list of countries and they literally have all countries covered due to their big server network coverage across the span of North America, South America, Asia and Europe.


So they have many countries for you to choose from and not only that within the countries you can choose cities many of them so you can really pinpoint where you want to run the VPN from making pureVPN one of the best VPN providers for their large network of VPN locations.



What Are The Speeds Like With PureVPN


While VPN’s do a great job at keeping you secure some can be a let down in the speed department meaning you may have a home broadband connection speed of let’s say 50Mbps but when you turn on the VPN your speed instantly drops down to 15Mbps giving you only half the speed you would have if you weren’t using a VPN in the first place.


So sometimes for things like playing games and torrenting this can be an issue as you sometimes want the fastest speeds as close to your normal internet speed as you can get.


Well, we have some good news when we ran this test we were using a 31Mbps connection and we then switch on the VPN and it only dropped to 28Mbps which means we lost not much speed at all keeping nearly the original speed of our broadband which is amazing work by PureVPN to keep such high speeds.


Just be aware depending on where you are located and the VPN’s server country you have chosen to use speeds may differ so if you live in the USA but choose to use a VPN server located in let us say Australia you will see a higher ping time due to distance it won’t be too high but in this, it will lower your download speeds ever so slightly so its worth to keep this in mind when you use any VPN provider for that matter.



Is PureVPN Good For Torrenting


Many VPN providers work well for torrenting as a lot of people use a VPN for this reason and also to file share P2P. But from running our tests we found PureVPN was great with torrenting as it kept a nice steady download speed and upload without any speed fluctuations to keep things downloading at a constant rate which is what you want.


Just be aware if you reside in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia and some other countries then torrenting may not be prohibited in your country depending on what your downloading.


This does not affect the VPN in any way whatsoever so from our test the VPN gets a big YES from us for using it with torrenting software.



Will PureVPN Work In China


As a matter of fact, the VPN works well in china they have 12 special servers that run in china so you can use ones in Beijing or even Shanghai. Many other VPN providers get their VPNs blocked in China so its refreshing to know PureVPN works fine there.


You can also use the VPN for all the things you may need it for as well such as torrenting, gaming, web browsing and more.



How Well Does PureVPN Work With Netflix And Other Streaming Apps


We always like to test Netflix using VPN’s as it’s become the norm for us to kick back and watch some TV after a long day of work or for some weekend fun or to keep the children quiet. So we always like to run “The Netflix VPN Test” when we are testing different VPN providers.


The good news is pureVPN is definitely up there with the best when it comes to Netflix as what sometimes can happen is Netflix can discover your using a VPN and stop that IP address working on their servers and remember we told you about the whole shared IP and private dedicated IP address above this is where you may want to pay the extra for your own IP address.


But when we tested this it was rare for us to to be able to change Netflix regions and use the VPN fine we only come across the VPN stopping on Netflix 3 times which was low for the number of days we tested this and this is only because proxy or IP has been put on Netflix blacklist so we could simply just disconnect the VPN and reconnect it again to refresh the IP proxy for a new IP and then it worked fine.


If you ever get an issue with Netflix you can always contact PureVPN team on their website who can also provide you with a fresh IP address to use so this is not a big issue at all our test where over 98% successful using this VPN with Netflix.


We also ran the test against other streaming services and apps and it worked great with no freezing and lagging so streaming apps work great with this VPN.


What Devices Does PureVPN Support


They support a range of devices due to the size and strength of the company.


Here are just a few popular devices you can put their VPN on


  • Android Boxes
  • Windows
  • Now TV
  • Amazon Firestick
  • ChromeCast
  • Roku
  • Apple Devices
  • Plus Many More Devices


PureVPN App For Amazon Firesticks & FireTV


Many homes now have firesticks so we will start off on the firestick app they have. We ran the test on it and its a very solid app we did not encounter any bugs or disconnects.


Once we installed the app it was just a case of entering our username and password and picking a server country and we were able to unlock Netflix regions and test Kodi without any trouble.



PureVPN Windows PC App


Once we downloaded and installed their VPN software off their website it was straightforward to use. But we must say its not the best app we have used out of all the providers.


It seemed to work perfectly fine but did disconnect our internet connection twice over the 2 days we tested it. The user interface seemed a little slow while we were connecting to VPN servers but overall it worked quite well.



Using PureVPN App On Android TV Box & Android Smartphone


We headed to the play store and searched for PureVPN and installed it we liked how user interface was smooth and it was definitely not like the windows app.


Everything worked fine and smooth just like it did with the amazon firestick so we don’t have any negatives to report on using the android app they have everything optimised very well and running super smooth.


Same goes with the app when we test it on our Android smartphone everything worked without any hiccups and a nice interface and very easy to navigate around on.



Running PureVPN On A Apple iPhone


We understand that sometimes you may want to use the app on your iPhone especially if you are grabbing a quick coffee somewhere and you are using the public wifi which you should be using a VPN to stay secure.


We headed to the IOS app store and downloaded the app, once installed it was similar to the android app version and very smooth to operate and visually pleasing.


We never ran into any bugs or issues with the IOS app and it ran consistently giving us no issues when we were testing it to download and also browse other IOS apps and for web browsing.



What Prices Do PureVPN Offer


Well as you may have read previously PureVPN is one of the best providers for their pricing range and they offer some of the best VPN deals around, so let’s dig a little deeper into the different pricing structures the VPN provider has.


They have 3 main prices depending on how long you want the subscription to run for. The prices are below


  • 5 Year Subscription For Only $1.32 per Month, Saving A Massive 88% OFF
  • 1 Year Subscription For Only $5.81 per Month, Saving A Massive 47% OFF
  • 1 Month Subscription For Only $10.95


So you can see with their pricing they offer great low pricing and some nice deals on their main subscriptions but also keep an eye out for the many different promotional season deals they have.


We would highly recommend the 5 year VPN subscription as privacy is becoming even more important as we go forward plus the VPN market is growing year on year so it’s definitely worth considering and its the cheapest offer on the VPN market right now.



PureVPN Extra Prices


The prices above are mostly all you will need to pay unless you want some extra functionality with the VPN such as Port forwarding or a Private Dedicated IP Address. We have included the prices for anything extra you need adding to the VPN below.


Private Dedicated IP Address Prices

  • 2 year Plan Only $1.99 per Month
  • 1 Year Plan Only $1.99 per Month
  • 1 Month Plan Only $1.99 per Month


Port Forwarding Prices

  • 2 Year Plan Only $0.99 per Month
  • 1 Year Plan Only $0.99 per Month
  • 1 Month Plan Only $1.99 per Month


What Payment Options Do PureVPN Offer


There are many ways to pay PureVPN which is a bonus we have put together a list of all their payment options below:


  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • AliPay
  • CoinPayments (Bitcoin & Alt Coins)
  • Payment Wall
  • BlueSnap


Remember you also get a money-back guarantee up to 31 days should you not want the VPN but they do not offer the money-back guarantee on payments made via the CoinPayments option so if you use Bitcoin or any alternative digital coin.



How Trustworthy Are PureVPN


We scoured through some of the main review websites and forums to see what the masses were generally saying about this VPN Provider and overall it was very good.



PureVPN Trustpilot Review 


First, we checked Trustpilot one of the go-to review websites to check a companies reputation and they are performing great on there with a perfect 5-star rating.


There was over 80% of excellent ratings to say they have many customers this is a great number for a company this size.



PureVPN Reddit Reviews


We then decided to go to the front door of the internet (yes Reddit) to see what the masses were saying and the same again all good reviews in general.


We saw many people saying there were pleased with the speed and the VPN itself and they have had no issues and would recommend so this ticked the boxed in the Reddit department it seems overall their VPN is of high quality and very much liked around the internet.



How Is PureVPN’s Support


Our last and final test was to actually test their support out on their website to see how it performed.


We must say they were rather slow to respond to our question about installing the VPN to a router it took them a little while to pick up on the chat. But truth be told once you have their VPN it works out the box so you shouldn’t really run into any issues while using the VPN unless you have other questions for their support team.


Do We Recommend PureVPN


The answer to this is YES, YES, YES as they have some of the best pricing around and the best technology when it comes to VPNs and networking.


Plus let’s not forget about the privacy they offer you while you are using the VPN and the no-log policy and jurisdiction.


So if you were on the fence about joining PureVPN we hope you can now jump-off in the right direction as these are one of the best VPN providers around.

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